Awesome New Place

I had the pure pleasure of DJing on WFMU last night. Thanks to Bennett4$enate and his amazing show, Awesome New Place. I had a blast hanging out with Bennett and the show is not bad either. Take a listen:

Listen Here (thanks to the baller servers at WFMU this one will be up forever)

Here’s what I played:

  1. Tangerine Dream “Love On A Real Train (Risky Business)”
  2. Stroke “Tokyo Amazon”
  3. Egyptian Lover “Computer Love (Sweet Dreams)”
  4. Jamie Principle “Your Love”
  5. Z-Factor “Fantasy”
  6. Le’ Noiz “Wanna Dance?”
  7. Fresh “Real Love”
  8. Two of a Kind featuring James Earl “Somewhere in West Hell”
  9. Harold Lucious “Let the Feelin’ – Turn You Out”
  10. Hercules “7 Ways”
  11. Jeff Phelps “On the Corner”
  12. Kerri Chandler “Drink On Me”
  13. Keynotes “I-94″
  14. Scarlet Architect “Falls Away”
  15. Deekay Jones “New York New York”
  16. Villaire “Deep Within”
  17. Risque III “Tropic Zone”
  18. Kraftwerk “Computer Love”
  19. Dezz 7 “Funny Love”
  20. Sound of Mind “Programming”
  21. The Cosmic Population “Modulation”
  22. Kenny Dixon Jr. and Mick Collins “(Keeping You) Satisfied”
  23. Valery Allington “Stop”
  24. Adrian Foxx “8 Days a Week”
  25. Lil’ Louis “Music Takes U Away (Alternative Mix)”
  26. Ragtyme “Fix It Man”
  27. NASA “Time to Party”
  28. 4 A.M. “I Love It (After Hours Mix)”
  29. Ben Mays “Rated X”
  30. Cybotron “Cosmic Cars”
  31. A Number of Names “Sharevari”
  32. In Motion “Ooh!”
  33. Reggio “The Hoofer “Can You Love Me?”
  34. Series – A “Evolution 5 Technology”
  35. Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit, Holger Czukay “How Much Are They?”
  36. BMW “Rock The House”
  37. Symbols and Instruments “Teardrops of Yesterday”
  38. Fresh “Dum Dum” (Talking)

Can’t say enough good stuff about that station. It’s a really special place and an amazing, amazing station. When it comes time, please do your best to support. See you guys at the record fair.

Bennett, it was a stone groove, congrats on another 8 months of programming. Keep it rocking.

Can I get a drool cup in the library please?

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5 Responses to “Awesome New Place”

  1. Josh Dunn says:

    Thank You, Bennett4$enate, WFMU, Night People, MHL, JC, Hybrid Wasabi Peanuts, Banana Chips, Manuel Göttsching, Alex Cima, Barry Michael Cooper, PATH Train, Orange County NJ, did I say WFMU, oh wait almost forgot to mention WFMU, i-94. The METRO, MOJO, Kenny, Sherard, Urban Tribalism, Scarlet Architects, Jesse Saunders, Peter Reyes, You.

  2. Slice-of-Spice says:

    Straight dope on a rope…and I’ll get my coat!

  3. John Berg says:

    I am trying to reach Asaf Segal, to see how I can get a digital copy of the B-side to “Bakit Ba” by Genghis Kyle and the Horde. I have the earier LP and a non-LP single by Genghis, and have the A-side of ” the Bakit Ba” single, but am eager to hear the flip side. Any help will be much appreciated (and I’ll gladly send you a CD-R of the earlier Genghis Hammond B-3 stuff, including a rare 45 on which he played by another artist…)

    Seattle area

  4. CJS says:

    KEYNOTES – I-94!!!!

  5. Professor Christian says:

    Yo! Just when you think things could not get any more dope. This happens. Well Dunn!

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