Asaf Segal – BOO

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  1. John Ellison “All I Want Is Your Love”
  2. The T.S.U. Toronadoes “Got To Get Through To You”
  3. The Internationals “Beautiful Philosophy”
  4. Ray Lewis “Sitting At Home With My Baby”
  5. The Four Sonics-Plus One “Tell Me You’re Mine”
  6. Pamela Beatty “Talking Eyes”
  7. Barbara Mason “Hello Baby”
  8. The Catalinas “Ain’t No Big Thing”
  9. Betty Moorer “Speed Up”
  10. Sebastian Williams “Get Your Point Over”
  11. Disciples of Soul “Together”
  12. The Hard Road “Dedicated to You”
  13. Los Dinamicos Exciters “Stop Look Listen”
  14. Ralph Weeks “Something Deep Inside”
  15. Brothers of Soul “The Love I Found In You”
  16. The Sweet & Innocent “Cry Love”
  17. Jean Plum “Here I Go Again”
  18. George Benson “My Woman’s Good To Me”
  19. Prince Ella Johnson “What’re You Doing To Me?”
  20. The Superlatives “I Don’t Know How (To Say I Love You)
  21. Joyce Jones “Help Me Make Up My Mind”
  22. The Sweet & Innocent “I Don’t Know What You’re Full Of”

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8 Responses to “Asaf Segal – BOO”

  1. admin says:

    Simply beautiful

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  3. anibal says:

    asaf man that’s a very moving tribute. beautiful.

  4. McBoing Boing says:

    yer a tough diggin’ softee asaf!

  5. boo says:

    Damn Asaf-
    you just single handedly brought romance back to life…wherever it went.
    If only boos all over could be so blessed!
    This mix is booteeful and so are you-
    as well as very very tough.

  6. tony says:

    I realy, really enjoyed this mix. I dropped it on my very own Boo. Hipped me to some great tunes. Thanks, I’ll be back!

  7. olivezitoun says:

    rien a dire!! c’est la grande class merci

  8. cafecafecafe says:

    Terrible one.

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