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Josh Dunn – Soft Shoes

Two years ago I did this mix for another website on earth and it was never posted, so I thought it was due time I posted it here. Some Chicago House and some Detroit Techno. Some treats and some classics.  I hope you enjoy. No hard shoes on the dance floor please. Continuous mix! P. S. It’s House! Read On »

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Brad Hales – In the Modern Room 4

Brad Hales - In The Modern Room 4

100 Limousines is proud to announce the 4th in an epic series, “In the Modern Room 4.” This mix is a must for both soul fans as well as disco freaks.  Get down to the sweet sounds.  Last time around we did a little guessing game for the tracks.  So we’ll run that again in the comments. I’ll post the real track listing and label scans in the coming weeks. Big shout to Brad for coming through with this one. It’s always a pure pleasure. Read On »

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Whitemare & Nite Jewel – MC2 (You Are There)

New guest mix from Whitemare & Nite Jewel. Read On »

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Asaf – Tennis Court Place

Little sister,

We’re gonna make it. It’s a new mix from Asaf! Read On »

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Josh Dunn – Reaching Out

A new mix from Josh Dunn.  This long awaited update to 100 Limousines comes with a mix of 80s oddities that touches on everything from pop/rock wannabes to Chicago house.  This mix is not for the faint of heart.  It’s easy to say that these songs require a special listener.   Read On »

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